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I've had prior experience living through hell

I could write several paragraphs to answer your question from my own personal perspective as to WHY I make preparations to see me through tough times ... whatever those tough times may be. Suffice to say that I've been through some tough times that could have been less stressful if I had been better prepared - hurricanes, tornadoes, power outages, inability to drive out of my property due to a nasty, dirt road that turns to slushy mud at the slightest rainfall ... I simply prefer to be prepared when weather takes a nasty turn.

Most all crises, no matter the scale, generate the same pressing needs: food, clothing, shelter, heat/cooling, clean water, communications, medical supplies/training, security and transportation to safety.

I prepare for those catastrophes that affect me: loss of income, bodily injury, loss of electricity, etc. I don't prepare for a specific crisis. Not all crises are widespread ... some crises are completely and totally private.

Just like most other words that have been co-opted by the propagandist media, "Prepper" is now taking on the connotation of "tin foil hatter."

Have you never been in a situation when it would have made your life more comfortable / survivable if you had been better prepared?

I live out in the boondocks by choice, so I take precautions to insure the health, welfare and safety of those in my home. The closest grocery store to my home is a 40-minute drive, so I have learned to stock up as a matter of convenience.

I hope this answer to your question is helpful!