Comment: that rule has been around for decades

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that rule has been around for decades

Before it became illegal to drive without auto liability insurance (back in the 1970's many if not most states did not require this) .. the driver's ed. class still taught you that if you are driving, it is your responsibility to make sure you can stop your car to avoid an accident. It was also taught that the driver of a car should be extra careful when sharing the road with cyclists (bicycles and motorcycles) for the obvious reason that a car can easily cause a life-threatening injury to a cyclist.

Regardless of whether the motorcyclists were driving recklessly, the driver of the SUV should have had the common sense to slow down. As a driver, you are not supposed to second guess what people in other vehicles are going to do, and it is your responsibility to make sure that you can react, within reason of course, to avoid an accident. Even though the motorcyclists were driving inappropriately, the SUV was just going on his merry way down the highway, not taking into consideration that something might happen .. e.g. , maybe a couple motorcycles in front of him would collide, etc.

Groups of motorcycles pull antics on the Westside highway in NYC all the time, and in 99% of the instances, car drivers manage to avoid hitting them. But really, the way people drive in New Jersey and New York, you think they are handing out drivers licenses like lollipops. Everybody is in such a hurry, it's wall to wall people on the highways, and they will tailgate even in a snowstorm. Maybe I am old-fashioned, but when you get behind the wheel of a car, the primary responsibility of a driver is to drive safely; and others driving recklessly should not create an excuse for an accident if you had the ability to avoid the accident.