Comment: I think your battery cost estimate is high.

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I think your battery cost estimate is high.

That $30,000 estimate sounds more like a complete high end off grid system.

I was, and still do, thinking of going completely off grid by building my own solar/wind hybrid system. But when you figure in the total initial cost and divide it by your current light bill then you just about break even over the expected life of that equipment. So your sentiment is not unwarranted.

I do have my garage I built off grid. Very simple system with solar panel kit and 2000 watt inverter from Harbor Freight and a deep cycle battery from Auto Zone and home made LED lighting. Total cost of around $350 - $400. I used a garage door opener that has a battery back up function so it and the LED lights just runs off the battery. I only need the inverter for running my compressor, drill, work lights, battery charger/booster (for the lawnmower) when I need them. It's worked great so far.

But even with the cheap equipment I still don't think it has paid for itself even after 2 1/2 years. It's only a garage after all.