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There are a lot of reasons

There are a lot of reasons people want to be prepared. I for one have no confidence in our economic situation, so I am preparing for the day when I can no longer by food with the useless US currency. However there are lots more reasons I do, for example, my area was hit with a tornado this year and we were without power for a while, and with so many trees down, no one could get to a store - I was glad I had oil lamps, battery powered radio, food and safe water...I did not have to dip into my food stores for this one, but it made me feel better knowing it was there - if the storm was even a little bit worse than it was, a lot of my neighbors would have been in real trouble.

Back in the 90s a good friend of mine ended up getting hit with a major tornado - he and his family were stuck for over 2 weeks without being able to get out and no one could get to them (or anyone in their neighborhood)...

How long could you go without access to a store without power and possibly water? Storms happen, nature is you want to protect yourself, your family and your neighbors?