Comment: As I sit here pondering - I think it is all coming clearer

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As I sit here pondering - I think it is all coming clearer

I have read Michael's post about the Granger and have refrained from commenting because I have mixed emotions. But now as I read and re-read the comments here - I think it all makes more sense and my mind is clearer.
I think I will actually copy this post right on over to that thread.

First, I am not attacking anyone -merely pointing something out. I posted here that I own a solar home(grid tied, part of big brother subsidy, tax credited, thank you for helping pay for it) and I stated how much a battery bank for my house would cost.

With ZERO knowledge of my home, my solar rating, my electric usage, the direction of my roof, the size of the solar array and the many other factors that go into a complex system - two posters actually question the cost of the batteries. Again, I am not attacking them - merely using it as an illustration.
There is no way anyone who has any solar knowledge would even attempt to quantify the cost of my battery system without asking some of these basic facts.
The DP used to be a place to come and learn, gain knowledge, expand one's mind - but it seems to have shifted to a place where one can only hope not to be questioned and attacked for merely sharing knowledge and experience.
Not one question asked, only "facts" stated.
For anyone looking into solar, I can provide an abundance of knowledge, but it will probably be lost and obscured by those who immediately question question question everything and then throw out information that is incomplete or flat out inaccurate.
Perhaps this is what was driving the Granger further and further. Perhaps Granger was finding it increasingly difficult to grow in the DP garden. No one can deny she had a bulls eye on her and the relentless attacks had to have taken a toll. Perhaps she started to find herself becoming more and more like so many that are just quick to be contrarian - and perhaps upon realizing what she had become - she did not like what she saw. She was not always as confrontational, not always on queue with her predictable comments. Certainly she seemed automated recently - but - then it appears the DP in general has become a little automated.

Maybe we ask the Granger to come back. Maybe we all take an outside look at what we have become and make a conscious effort to move back towards the enlightenment this site provides for those who wish to gain knowledge and not just prove how much they know.

When my teenage daughter's get in one of there teenagers know everything moods we stop using there actual name and call them KNia - it is an affectionate way to remind them that they are acting like Know It Alls. It is amazing to see how once one person starts being a Knia - how others quickly follow suit so as not to feel the lessor. Then it snowballs into all out fights. Hence, we try to stop it early and often.

The DP has too many Knia's these days.