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Hi Rick. You're right, I was

Hi Rick.
You're right, I was looking at it from a physics point of view and under ideal circumstances I still think a Hayabusa could out stop a SUV with Kenny Roberts riding the Hayabusa and Dale Earnhardt driving the SUV. (assuming they are both alive and in good health) I was being more specific this time ;-)

I'm 58 and have been driving and riding since I was 16, I have never been in an accident on either with the exception of 2 Deer and a few on a circle track. I was thinking that if wearing an "I'm a Biker" t-shirt would keep people away I would wear one.

Now back to the video, did it look like the bike needed to slow down in front of the SUV? I would guess the driver was freaked out and might have been looking in his rear view mirror when this happened.
Don't forget about reaction times too, there is a lag between what you see and how long it takes to react. I would also guess that the driver did not want to hit the bike.

One of the bad things about the internet versus people sitting together and talking is it takes longer to clarify a point one is trying to make. I have a feeling you and I are in agreement about the video but I chose to talk about whether a bike can stop faster than a SUV and threw things off track.

Take care,