Comment: Hey, a completely different version. Congressman on tape.

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Hey, a completely different version. Congressman on tape.

Grand Old Party Photo Op. GOP Reps Topple Barricades At WWII Memorial For Veterans Despite Shutdown. [Actually, a Congressman cut the barricade tape. WW II veterans were obliged to gently put aside the temporary barricade & a park ranger opened the gate. A bag pipe lead the parade entering the memorial site.] Obviously the gate was not "toppled." Here is the photographic evidence that rhetoric over stated the facts of the matter.

Both newsreels here show the actual peaceful event as it unfolded. A park service ranger was called in to guard & subsequently open the memorial. Republican Congressmen including King & Bachmann went over & cut the barricade tape. High drama? Idiocy overwhelmed by common sense? ... Clearly a photo opportunity, complete w/ bag pipe leading the parade into the memorial.

No malice of intent shown. Nary a harsh word spoken by the patient WW II veterans & related visitors.

Seemingly, a pleasant day to visit the memorial. Come on down!

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