Comment: This is 'Forum Drama'

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This is 'Forum Drama'

It's always the same on these boards.

The problem is that people fall into the illusion that a website is a 'community', where people get emotionally invested in their status and ego in a digital simulation, interacting with dis-embodied (mostly) strangers using aliases.

This is not a real 'community'. A real community happens with people in our physical space, the glue that holds it together and makes it real is face to face eye contact and interaction over time in 3D space.

This is a digital bulletin board where people all around the country and the planet sit down behind a screen, and type out ideas, feelings and digital information and entertainment to share.

That's it. That's all it is.

If for any reason people take offense to your 'digital representation', or for any reason the general thrust of the ideas, feelings, and information shared is not to your liking ...


You are not "going" anywhere. You're sitting behind a screen. You can be looking at an almost infinite number of other things on your screen, and you can just decide to CLICK away from any site almost instantly.

All of the drama that comes from the delusion that you are a member of a real community as an anonymous digital bulletin board is (honestly) kind of infantile and a complete waste of energy.

If you find yourself upset over conflict or starting to feel like an outsider? Remind yourself that you were never 'inside' of anything at all ..

Take your mouse and go click somewhere else. That's not meant to be hash. It's merely a statement of fact: cold water in the face.