Comment: LoL! Now, they disobey?

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LoL! Now, they disobey?

It's a bit late, but ookayy...

The military doesn't make men.
It makes dogs.
Dogs obey.

The "greatest generation" joins the army...and learns to obey.
They get out and half go to college on the GI Bill to begin obeying professors who, regardless of the fact that they've never done a real day of work in their lives, think they should run things.

They other half keeps worshiping anything in uniforms.

Two factions
1. Those that worship anything in uniform.
2. Those that worship professors.
What do they have in common? They obey.

One group supports meaningless loser wars for nothing.
The other supports meaningless loser social experiments.

Save the world!!
Back down, back down, back down...thumping your chest all the way!
Surrender is the tough thing to do!
Do the tough thing!
Result: 1/3 of the world, 1.5 billion people, controlled by Communist tyranny.
That's how they saved the world.

Then, thanks, dogfaces, they give us the Baby Boomers,
more failed wars + more failed social experiments.

Never mind the Constitution! That old piece of paper?

A broken country, broken by meaniningless wars and failed social programs. That's what we inherited from the little men in paper hats,
who fought so bravely, for our open borders, trillion$ of debt, and Obamacare.


Why would Obama give them respect?