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For those interested

in Bitcoin...

Let me clear up a few things. First, is Bitcoin volatile? Yes, absolutely yes. History proves that very easily. That's why people like myself that advocate it warn not to put more in it than you can afford to lose entirely. Gold and silver are far more stable historically than any other form of money the world has seen.

Second, is this the end of Bitcoin? Nope. Not even close. This will only show the free market at work. There will be many people, speculators on Bitcoin, selling, and also many buying. The people selling will have different reasons, among them thinking Bitcoin has suffered a killing hit. The people buying might see other points, like the tremendous news coverage this will bring Bitcoin, which means more attention and probably more interest in the currency. There will probably be 10 new online drug marketplaces springing up within 2 weeks. I can almost guarantee that. It wasn't technology, but instead a human mistake that led to the arrest of Dread Pirate Roberts. Just some info.