Comment: Granger, I am one of those

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Granger, I am one of those

Granger, I am one of those people who disagree with you a lot and I just want to say I do not think you should leave or be banned or any of that. Opposing views and opinions are necessary for good discussion. Repeating the same arguments over and over again however, are not.

I am from a younger generation than you that grew up with the internet and one thing I've learned, that I think YOU need to internalize, is that you cannot let yourself get offended or emotional over anything posted on the internet and you should not try to censor what you see because a) it will not work, and b) make you close-minded to reality.

There are a lot more volatile and crude forums out there where you are viciously attacked for having opposing views. Communities where a handful of moderators get to pick and choose whose opinions are correct, creating echo chambers of like minded communities that hate all that is different. Hate is human nature and the internet is full of humans all hating each other, together, in their own little web communities..

Interestingly enough, MIT linked to a study saying HATE is the most influential emotion on the internet when it comes to spreading a message across social media.

So, don't leave and don't censor yourself. Running off to a different community just because it agrees with you doesn't make you right or us wrong. You will just be closing yourself off from opposing views, which are the most important for a person to hear. I am glad you've found like-minded people somewhere else, but I encourage you to continue posting here on the DP and there, wherever there is, but don't stop just because people disagree with you, even rudely. Those are the people you need to talk the most.

Lastly I would just like to say I think most Daily-Paulers are American and love we our country passionately enough to "waste" our time here. Yet we relentlessly denounce our government's actions and politicians in EVERY SINGLE THREAD ON THIS FORUM. ALL WE TALK ABOUT is how we are angered by our own government's blatant corruption and evil. Can we not also be critical of the crimes of our "greatest ally" as well?