Comment: Some doubts about the shutdown

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Some doubts about the shutdown

Since I am not a citizen and haven't been that long in the US, I don't know how this shutdown works.

Today, I went to my local IRS (TAC) office, to submit my tax returns in addition to filing for a ITIN for my child (since she doesn't have SSN). The security person at the building told me that none of the IRS services are being rendered now because of the Government shutdown.

The site says that there is a lapse in appropriations due to the shutdown. I don't understand what appropriations mean and include. But the site also says that the Oct-15 deadline for the final tax returns is still in effect. Are any of you in a similar situation where you have to visit the IRS office in person before Oct-15th? How are you handling it?

Also are the IRS employees still getting their pay (or delayed pay) eventhough they are not working?