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-So what you are saying is

-So what you are saying is that rights are not inalienable and the govt can take them away for whatever reason because they are listed in the Constitution?

so long as there is "due process of law", legally, yes the govt can take your rights away (i wouldn't really say "take them away" per say, more like you are deprived of them. since rights are inalienable they never can be taken way, but you can be deprived of using them).

Considering the man had multiple outstanding offenses which he seemingly did not object to nor challenge, thereby admitting guilt, I'd say due process of law had been attempted. So legally, his freedom to drive could (should) have been revoked.

I don't think your "shooting up a store" example is very applicable nor similar.

If you watch the video it does seem the gaggle of bikers were harassing the RangeRover prior to the "bump" and the motorcycle obviously moved over and slowed down.

For the record, if I felt that my family was in jeopardy, I'd have ran them all over if they had been in my way.

If ignorance is bliss, Washington DC must be heaven.