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Sorry Greg,,,

Sorry Greg for being so sharp with you. One of the points I have been trying to make is that no matter how heated a verbal confrontation becomes, deliberately using a car as a deadly weapon, running over a man, paralyzing him and putting him in a coma is a criminal act. If he dies it will be vehicular homicide.Many here are trying to say that he got what he deserved. The same could be said for what was done to the driver after they caught him. We are a nation of laws and vigilante justice is wrong and criminal for both sides. I don't condone what either side did but the largest part of the wrong doing and damage was done by the SUV driver. I could accept his actions if...... if one of the motorcyclist brandished a weapon, which as best as I can tell from all of the videos did not happen. Yes the motorcyclist were acting like total idiots and worse but that does not deserve to be attacked with a deadly weapon (5000 lb SUV)
Whether or not a bike can stop faster than an SUV is unimportant because the law says if you hit someone from the rear you are automatically at fault. I learned that many years ago. A car stopped short in front of me and I hit him. I was charged with the accident and given a ticket for "Failure to maintain a proper distance" I have been very careful not to tailgate since that time. I don't like the law, I feel it is unfair but it is the law until it is changed. You are right the bike rider did not "need" to slow down in front of the SUV. But to need or not to need to do something does not legally justify what the SUV driver did, and that is the most important point. When I was younger (I am 61, riding since 15)I had a touch of occasional road rage so I completely understand how some people including myself would feel and react in that situation. But you have to be responsible and held accountable for what you do in this world. I would have a very hard time living with myself if because of my uncontroled emotions I paralyzed and put a man in a coma. I could not deny that I was legally and morally responsible for my actions and I would have to accept my punishment.
Sorry again for being so short and sarcastic with you, maybe the tooth that I broke eating popcorn was a factor but not an excuse.
Thanks for letting me vent