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(3) The body will burn carbs

(3) The body will burn carbs (glucose) first and then fats (ketones) for energy. If you do not eat carbs, then it will just burn fat (ketones). It will not burn protein unless you are starving (as in, on the brink of death due to starvation).

Actually, ketones are a byproduct of fat metabolism. Meaning, when the rest of the body is using fat, the liver converts the fats into ketones, which is then also used as fuel. Burning fat and ketones is kind of like running a diesel + turbo.

Secondly, if the body cannot effectively burn fat for fuel, it will break down proteins into glucose and use it for fuel. You don't have to be in starvation, per se, you just have to be so metabolically broken not to be able to burn fat. The two consequences of not using fat for fuel is 1) storing it, and 2) using exclusively glucose.

The simple trick to effectively using fat as the primary fuel source is keeping insulin levels low.