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You are right...

You are right, insurance scam is probably the only legal exception to the rule. I don't think that this was the case. No one in their right mind would use a bike to have an accident to scam money. There are too many things that can go wrong, like being run over and killed. All of the vehicle scams that I have read about are done with 4 wheels because it is safer. It is easy to claim invisible injuries like whiplash etc. Going down on a bike is an unpredictable and a risky thing, the chances for serious injury are pretty high. It is much safer and cheaper to buy an old junker car and scam with it.
I honestly agree with you that some people, sometimes seem to genuinely deserve to have their asses handed to them when they run their mouths. That being said the law does not legally support that plan of action and you have to pay the price. People can bark at each other all they want and then walk away. When you assault someone because of what they say, you are the aggressor and the criminal. If you use a fist it is assault (usually a misdomeaner)if you use a weapon (usually a felony)it is aggravated assault, attempted murder etc, When you use a 5000 pound SUV as a weapon you have escalated the situation from a verbal confrontation to a felony assault. An SUV does not have a trigger but it becomes a 5000 lb bullet when you aim it at someone.
Saying that hitting a motorcyclist because you are peeved is incredibly stupid is putting it mild. The law sees it as using a deadly weapon to commit a crime. Ride safe, keep the rubber side down.