Comment: My objective/is to introduce light rather than heat

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My objective/is to introduce light rather than heat

If that was so you would not have added this snide remark:
P.S. The word you used is spelled "piqued" not "peaked". You're welcome.

It’s You’re welcome that offend me……not the help with the use of the improper spelling of a word…..but allow me to Thank You Properly now. …..So now you have peaked my interest.

But since you showed your “douche” side…..enlighten the crowd and tell us all exactly how the Rothschild control the world…..oh, you can’t….yeah that’s what I thought.

If the Rothschild don’t control the world then the whole NWO conspiracy carp just goes swirling down the drain.

Then all this discussion on Israel is relevant, because the dots just disappear.

Every public company in this country has to file with the SEC any shareholder that controls 10% or more of any publically traded companies….so pick three….just three companies that the Rothschild’s control. It is public information….if the Rothschild control is so vast to take over the world… should be easy to find.
You can’t do that either.