Comment: What's wrong being a Jihadist?

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What's wrong being a Jihadist?

Could it be that one is called a "Jihadist" (though I thought I had asked, "Are you a Jihadist?" as in, "WTF?", could be something about that warning and the rejection) when one has offended another? And, why would it offend me to be called a "Zionist"? I had to do some research to come to terms with that. I did.

I respect that you have had a long hard road to tow, and now in mourning. I have not baited you or done what you have accused me.. I went on about my passion, and when I saw how that has been received on DP.. capped by MN's posts.. I left. It had nothing to do with you.

I respect the rules and I'm sorry that you are going through a difficult time and that I'm making it harder for you by my being here.. I've read that from several here, and I don't get it, except my "conversion" to being Pro-that country that shall not be named, has really ruffled some feathers in this flock.

You want to see the cool stuff I'm seeing there? No? Ok. I moved on following MY bliss, and wishing you happiness. I even sent you a card to let you know that I care and understand that you are mourning. I don't pity you, and there's no feeling sorry for anyone. I made my bed and take responsibility for what I say and fail to say, what I do, and fail to do, and what I think, and fail to think. I haven't blamed you or done anything you have accused me. Since I have no way to prove that I didn't ask you, and since you say that I called you a Jihadist.. ok.

There must be some reason that I felt so offended that I would say that and leave, eh? I'd love to see the old email and bury this hatchet. All this because I became a zionist and called you a jihadist (because you say I did, I can't prove otherwise)?

I have not tried to offend you. I did it very innocently by finding and following a passion that you do not share, Jihadist or not, you have issues with my passion and so now you have made it personal issues with me.. You warned me.

As for, "When can we get back to Daily P Au L?" Just do it.

I love you (((((((Nonna)))))))) I'm sorry that I hurt you and I'm sorry that you are in mourning. I don't forget all the wonderful things about you and what makes you remarkablly beautiful inside and out. It's those things I prefer to remember about you most.