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Comment: Where did I say that the Rothschilds controlled the world?

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Where did I say that the Rothschilds controlled the world?

Personally I do not subscribe to that particular belief. I am sorry you took offence at my pre-emptive "You're welcome" , please accept my apologies. I just wanted to take the heat off the usual response I get when I correct someone's spelling of a word.

Whether the Rothschild family controls the world or not it certainly has a great deal of influence in Israel and was instrumental in the original settling of the land there. It is also well known to be the most admired family in the Jewish community and is perceived as royalty by that community. No doubt you are aware that they built the Israeli Supreme Court building.

You asserted that: "If the Rothschilds don’t control the world then the whole NWO conspiracy carp (sic) just goes swirling down the drain."

This is not very explicit. Do you mean that if the Rothschild family does not control the world then the idea that the Jews were involved in the creation of the NWO and continue to be involved in the ongoing implementation of the NWO must therefore be wrong?

This would only be a valid argument if the assertion that because the Rothschild family controlled the world they were necessarily the key players behind the Jewish involvement in the NWO. This in itself requires another premise that the family that controls the world is the key player in the NWO. This is an unspoken assumption you have made that you have then "proved" to be wrong and have used to demolish the conclusion that the Jews were involved in creating and are implementing the NWO.

It seems to me that you have created a syllogism that fits with your own beliefs and asserted that I have provided you with the necessary premises to support your conclusion. I must plead innocent on that account. Even if the premises were both valid and true I had nothing to do with them.

That Jews have been involved in the creation of the present world system is a fact that is surely beyond dispute. That they have a peculiar loyalty to their own community is also well known and has been for centuries. That this loyalty is inculcated from childhood especially amongst those who are religious and that the loyalty is based upon a particular understanding of the Jewish identity as a chosen people who are destined to rule the world is known at the very least to the Jews themselves.

Two questions that have haunted me for pretty much all my adult life have been 1. "What is really going on here?" and 2. "Who is really in control?"

The first is an ongoing inquiry to which there have been many answers and one firm conclusion is that the fundamental conflict, that is represented in many ways on many levels, is a spiritual one. The second answer is not so much who but what. The what is Ideas. These ideas may be in the form of philosophies or ideologies or religions but they are the building mortar that binds people together.

If I mention the Jews I have in mind the religion, not the ethnicity, that binds them together and especially the rabbinical ideas that have been used over many centuries to create a strong Jewish identity that has at its centre the faith that the Jews are a peculiar people who are morally superior to the rest of the nations, the goyim or Gentiles. The Jews according to this faith are destined to rule the world. I pass no judgement on this belief simply observe that this is what has bound the Jews together for millennia but especially since the advent of the Christian faith. The two Sages at the time of Christ, Shammai and Hillel, could at least agree on that one thing although they disagreed on almost everything else.

For the past century and a half this belief has taken on a physical dimension that has superseded any that have gone before. The Jews through their influence in finance and world trade have almost at this date brought the dream of their people to its successful conclusion. In this they have been assisted by those in the Gentile community who support their beliefs especially those Christians who have embraced the Dispensational eschatological doctrines of Cyrus Scofield, John Nelson Darby, Edward Irving and Manuel Lacunza. They have also formed alliances with influential families among the Anglo-American elites with whom they share aspirations of world domination.

Let's not descend into name calling, I find it very tiring and unfruitful. If you find my thinking offensive then I am sorry for that but I simply try to disentangle the many threads of thinking that I have come across in my search for the answers to my questions and yes from time to time I am guilty of employing irony that can give offence and I regret that. At other times my interlocutors take offence where none is intended and that is regrettable. Such are the pitfalls of electronic communications.

"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)