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Granger schmanger

Nystrom elsewhere lamented the decline in participation at the Daily Paul. If we want it to erode even more, let's make sure this pathetic Granger soap opera continues to dominate the discourse here. Friendships and associations come and go throughout every aspect of our lives--why is there disproportionate hand-wringing over this parting of ways?

As for Granger, her description of her philosophy says all we need to know. She's "PRO-ISRAEL." That implies, consistent with everything she posts here, that she simple-mindedly supports Israel no matter what Israel does.

Israel has used white phosphorous on civilians, killed protestors on an unarmed supply ship, turned Gaza in to the world's largest open-air prison, occupied stolen land for 46 years, coerced Ethiopian Jews into taking birth control, created separate highways for Jews, uses DNA tests to determine the racial purity of applicants for citizenship, lies about Iran's nuclear program, hired MEK terrorists to murder Iranian scientists...and no matter what else, Granger will be still pro-Israel. Why? "Because....IT'S ISRAEL!!! AND....I'M PRO-ISRAEL, SILLY! And since you oppose the policies of Israel, that makes you an anti-semite!!"

I think Nystrom was right in saying that, on balance, Granger wouldn't be missed. Nothing against her personally, but she's a person who's position cannot be swayed by facts. Difference of opinion is invigorating where both parties are acting in a sincere pursuit of the truth. It's maddening where one party traffics only in knee-jerk propaganda.