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I think

They are treated different because of the treaties they have with and without us, others, and the UN.

So let's talk about that 14% that comes in the form of taxpayer aid. What are we getting for that investment, because unlike other countries, it is an investment that pays.. first in defense since we are the ones occupying other countries and having to defend our investments with military.. the MIC.. we get advanced tech.. corporations buy the patents and then hold them, like John Galt's engine, waiting to profit off a MIC contract, and when that doesn't come, we all lose (and why it's said that some of these investors or "too big to fail". It's like they produce a type of genius that we're addicted to, but what the solution is COMPETITION, and so we need to be gin competing.. and that's hard to do when people are not open to what the competition is, or what they are doing that is amazing.
There was a post made a few days ago that gave the purchase code, I think 726 beginning with 726 or 729, was a country that shall not be named and to boycott it. To me boycotting it is like cutting yourself off from some of the best products on earth.. good value too.

So we get defense and the opportunity to bid on their products, and we're addicted.. the solution is to compete. They are trading with all advanced economies. They don't need the US and they would be fine without the US government's addiction for genius at the expense of the US tax payer. I find it interesting because much of the money given as aid might as well be burnt along with the US flags they are burning.

Roconsiling it to Ron Paul's philosophy... well, some folks don't like the fact that Ron paul is drawing on social security, but the way I see it, he paid into it, it's his money, so why not take his refund? Since we get products from that country why not see it as an investment and rather than boycott, enjoy the rewards?

I've read your quotes, and rather than me guess what your specific point is, could you be more clear? Are you asking why the US is addicted to the other countries genius and how we can stop this addiction and begin competing? Or was it something else I'm not clear.

I had a thought.. there are many duel citizens working at US government jobs, not just from one country that get s called out on it more than the others, but many, and the reason is because Americans don't. Some do sometimes, but some see opportunity we don't.. CA.. now we have foreigners able to sit in our courts as juries. I think we have a lot of problems and until we can compete, we appear to be dependent. It's not the other way around.