Comment: That's right ladies and gentlemen, she told it

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That's right ladies and gentlemen, she told it

Does this have to concern me?

Maybe mental breakdowns are contagious, and should be quarantined.

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Anyway, I've banned a lot of people over the years. And every time, I make more enemies - on both sides.

In the end you have to do what is best for the community, and this is just really, not.

But I still like to give people a couple of swings.

I've waited to reserve judgement. I haven't read any of the comments.

This isn't a good start, but tomorrow she's reporting from the CA GOP Convention. She asked me if it would be ok if her first post was a fundraising plea to go to that. I told her I didn't think that was a good idea. (!!!)(?)

If she'd asked me about this, I would have said it was a bad idea, too. Then again, I don't want people asking me what they can and cannot post. I'll have to tell you the story about KC Jones.

Anyway, prognosis not too good. Sometimes a relationship gets so damaged that you just really want to move along.

The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.
- Alan Watts