Comment: Interesting. Thanks for posting that.

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Interesting. Thanks for posting that.

Carson is the dark horse. The potential candidate, that everyone pines for, and may or may not get into the race. Every season has one or two.

Let's see how far he wants to take it.

He's in a position to issue an open and direct challenge to president Obama, and it is one that he could leverage a lot with, because it is about the IRS. Everyone hates the IRS. Red, Blue. It doesn't matter.

"Mr. Obama, you have said you would get to the bottom of this, and you have not? Well, are you not a man of your word? I was audited by the IRS, and I want to know why. Is the IRS being used as a private army of extortion?"

I don't blame him for looking uncomfortable in this interview. He's probably thinking it over. Thinking about the consequences. Do you realize how big the news would be if he challenged Obama.

It is almost too perfect: An articulate, black, doctor taking on ObamaCare. I get kind of a feeling of "Father Knows Best." Maybe that is a show they want to foist on us.