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deacon, you read things in on both occasions

I'm not your enemy either, and I'm sorry about the contempt. I'm an asshole.

But let me share with you a distinction that I learned about how we view the world. There is what happened, and there is the story we make up about what happened.

Think of them as two circles:

1) What Happened, and
2) The Story We Make Up About What Happened

- - - -

So - what happened?

I replied to your comment. I pointed out a fact (That I never mentioned the Granger in this thread). And I didn't respond to the other part because I didn't understand it.

But you made up a story about what happened, and it has some extra stuff in it.

Anyway, I hope that helps. I'm not attacking you. I'm just pointing out what people do. And I'm not singling out you. We all do it.

He's the man.