Comment: Nystrom, Are you on an Asian Vacay?

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Nystrom, Are you on an Asian Vacay?

It's 4 am. and I'm trading the Asian market - surprised to see you.

I know Dr. Carson personally. When I lived in Baltimore he spoke at a fund raiser we had for our church's crisis pregnancy home. I was also the director of international ministry outreach to Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.
I can tell you he would not be a tool for anyone. He's using the neo-conservative media as a platform to reach people. Hard to imagine that Blow Reilly is still the #1 cable news show.

Ben Carson is the only doctor I've met in 62 years who really means it when he says God uses him. No matter where he operated on children he always required praise and worship music be played in the operating suite. When I was in B'more (93-04) he survived prostrate cancer like it was a common cold.