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I have said it few times on DP, but I want to repeat it again. Everybody should read the greatest work on love: Plato's "Symposium".

And by the way so called Platonic Love is not Plato's concept of Love as for Plato, or Socrates, Love/Eros begins from the the bodily love.

And after reading "Symposium" read Plato's "Phaedrus" which is his second greatest work on Love/Eros. It is about the positive madness of love.

The only thing that Socrates says to know about something is love. This means that the principle (the beginning/the first truth) of the philosopher is love. The philosopher is of course in the original sense a Lover of Wisdom. And there is Wisdom to be found in many places: there is the Wisdom of the Senses, the Wisdom of the Body, the Wisdom of the Invisible.

Then there is a great French philosopher Emmanuel Levinas who even changes the normal concept of philosophy as the love of wisdom to mean actually "the wisdom of love".

Levinas is another philosopher who anybody interested of love should read. It could be argued that Levinas is the greatest ethical thinker of the 20th century, but I have never seen anybody mention his name in DP.
His main work is called "Totality and Infinity":

Easier introduction to Levinas' thinking is "Ethics and Infinity: Conversations with Philippe Nemo":

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