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Some quick answers; P?: No.

Some quick answers;

P?: No. He's a lot like Ron Paul in that he doesn't want to control or wield power. He wants to influence national conversation through education. He's a revolutionary not a politician.

Scared? Uncomfortable?: Good observation. Have you ever been audited? What you're seeing is someone who has been a-s-s raped. Audits like his are expensive. This man takes everything seriously. I am sure he took it very personal - like a kid who did everything right and was still treated like a bad boy. He also witnessed the IRS's tendency to assume guilt without any due process. And that feeling that they can just confiscate electronically and put the burden of proof on their targeted party. He's worked hard to be a man of honor and the IRS just trashed his sense of honor. In that way he can be childlike.

In spite of all his success he's still of the mind of an average person when it comes to money. He's frightened and being on O'Reilly was an act of courage sticking to his principles of free speech and free thought.

Asia? Japan?: The markets are going to continue to do the unexpected. Go up.
The economies (U.S. & Asia) will continue the zombie shuffle, just muddling along. It's all funny money driven as you know. The $$ pain most likely is going to continue to increase gradually (taxes, stifling and expensive regulation). We have the lowest labor participation rates in history but car makers are breaking sales records?

The $$ black swan event is unpredictable as to when, but as you say it is inevitable. Nobody knows when that will be.

The slow kill (GMO etc) may also turn catastrophic too. But most likely just continue at a steady pace.

You have to carve out your own corner of prosperity and focus on positives. There are always opportunities.