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All ears

I am all ears when Karen Hudes speaks for reasons that include, but are not limited to, her references to the Jesuits combining forces with the "Chinese."

I've read from other sources confirming information having to do with a very interesting possible return to Rule of Law, which eliminates World Wide Legal Money Monopoly Power (Enforced by Fraud and Extortion), because there has been a split among the so called "World Leaders" who have been working cooperatively for well over 200 years, as their cooperative POWER made sure that no competition in Legal Money existed at any level which would threaten World Reserve Currency (criminal) Monopoly.

In my own estimate the NORMAL (criminal) routine was cooperation among world leaders to consume productive power by planning and executing World Wars (for fun and profit) so as to keep the productive people (the source of all wealth that is worth stealing) powerless to resist the Central Banking Cartel (World Reserve Currency Power), which is now The Dollar Hegemony (Federal Reserve/IRS/World Bank/International Monetary FUND/United Nations/Wall Street/Washington/Pentagon/NATO/Military Industrial Complex/Western Media Monopoly)

Note the pattern:

Before English (Bank of London: Fraudulent Notes) World Reserve Currency Power OFFICIALLY became American (Federal Reserve: Fraudulent Notes) became The Dollar Hegemony there was a Battle Royal produced for that occasion, and the reasoning for doing so is that the opposition to the Bank of England became too strong, so the Criminals pulling the strings basically hit the reset button as you would when your computer has problems with information being corrupted in the Random Access Memory. Basically the Central Bankers use World War as a method of removing Public Memory of where their misery, and where their slavery, originates.

When the victims figure out the name of the game, the Banksters hit the reset button, and they raid all the Corporations (Nation States) they own, so as to then have the Purchasing Power to buy Wars.

Evidence of The Pattern:

1 of 3

That is a study of the building up of War Power in America.

Who do you think paid for that building up of War Power in America?

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That is a study of the building up of War Power in Russia.

Who do you think paid for that building up of War Power in Russia?

3 of 3

That is a study of the building up of War Power in Germany.

Who do you think paid for that building up of War Power in Germany?

In each case there was a take-over of the previous peaceful (relatively peaceful) governments into War Machines, and the unit of Purchasing Power is Federal (Fraud) Reserve Notes; whereby the Power to Purchase is stolen from the American People through the concept of Corporate Raiding, or Pump and Dump.

The roaring 20s was the Pump part, and the Great Depression was the Dump part, and what do you think the Central Bankers did with all the wealth they stole from the American Corporation, the German Corporation, (World War I, so called, is part of the story but unnecessary complication at this point), as the Riches of both countries vanished like someone waving a magic wand?

Where did all the Power to Purchase go?

It goes from the use of Power to make more value out of less, and it goes into making WAR instead, and WAR transfers the most power to the War Profiteers who are also, in the same exclusive "club" as the Central Bankers.

So now the setup for the same routine has been going on for some time. Do you remember Ross Perot and "The Giant Sucking Sound"?

Russia was recently raided (the so called collapse of the Soviet Union) and where did all that Power to Purchase from Russia go?

Since before Ross Perot blew the whistle on the Capital Flight going from America to China there has been an obvious, measurable, effort to BOOM China into a major Military Power, the same Wall Street/Federal Reserve Cabal is the source of that Control over that diversion of POWER from the Corporation U.S.A. Inc. (LLC) to whoever is actually in Control of China.

Just before Depression there is BOOM, after Depression there is (fake) Currency Wars, and then there are World Wars.

The Currency Wars are fake because each side is actually employing the same routine as if their actions are being orchestrated by a Central Power central to all waring powers.

That is a clue.

In simple terms: if there is an actual Free Market of Legal Money Competition (genuine "currency war") then the winners will always be the productive people in each "government" or Nation State (Corporation) or the rare examples of actual Democratic Federated Republics (like Switzerland) and the Central Bankers lose that fight.

In simple terms: if there is an actual Free Market of Legal Money Competition (falsely called "currency war") then the many consumers (by their sum total of "collective" choices) force the quality of money up, and the cost of money down, and the Nation (source of one of many competitive Legal money supplies) or the Republic, or the Federation with the best money will be the Power that gains Power faster (not military power but economic power), because there will be more power in the hands of the people who actually make things worth stealing, and they will tend to use that power that they keep (because their money is high quality, or honest, or sound, or accurate, or more powerful for the consumer, and less powerful for the frauds at the Central Bank Fraud) to make more power out of less power.

In other words, when the money used by the people is sound, then the people prosper in that country.

So in simple terms: When the money used by the people is steadily growing worse and worse, as is happening World Wide, the cause of that is the obvious absence of that Free Market Force, or that so called "currency war".

If there was a Free Market of Legal Money then each Nation State (so called) or each Republic, or each Federation, would be racing to see which Country, and which people, gain the most economic power (anything worth stealing) fastest, or a Race to higher and higher standards of living, and lower and lower costs of living.

If there is no Free Market of Legal Money then the obvious conclusion is that a World Wide Central Banking Fraud and Extortion Ring is doing everything it must do to remain a functioning Monopoly Power, so they must destroy all competition, or they must incorporate all competitors into the ONE MONOPOLY and everyone in that CABAL does things according to a mutually agreed upon ROUTINE.

What is the ROUTINE?

The ROUTINE could be called The Business Cycle.

The ROUTING could be called The Pump and Dump Cycle.

I call the ROUTINE with my own inventive term: Legal Crime.

The ROUTINE could be called a Central Bank (fraud and extortion method).

So...Karen Hudes may be blowing the whistle on one of two things (obvious things, I'm not saying that other possibilities don't exist):

The ROUTINE will play out on schedule, and the Chinese will win World War III, since it is now understood that the POWER that was controlling The Dollar Hegemony (Jesuits) is now siding with China, and that will be the new World Reserve Currency Power after World War III. "Officially we" in the West own "Full Spectrum Dominance," but according to the same official accounting China owns the bank (through credit on their end which is DEBT on "our" end), so China is on the official books to win World War III in my opinion.

The ROUTINE is now breaking up internally, and there won't be World War III, because the current dominant POWER (which may be China) is no longer going to agree to follow that ROUTINE.

How does number 2 play out?

The really, really, really, bad guys can be called The New World Order, which was once part of (under) the people who may be called the Jesuits, names or labels merely point to the actual people who actually have POWER and who actually use that POWER they have, and they have stolen that POWER, so they are not nice people.

Now what may be happening is that The New World Order had China (and Russia) on board to play the World War III game (that always just so happens to be very profitable for those people who order those things into play) but now there may be the most powerful player (which is arguably China) dropping out of the game.

In simple terms: All the players are no longer agreeing to remain within the ONE MONOPOLY Central Bank Legal Crime Cabal (where individuals are almost certainly, literally, stabbing each other in the back to gain higher positions within such a criminal organization) and instead, for the first time in well over 200 years, there is a faction within the Monopoly which is opting out, and they are no longer investing in Aggressive War Profits, now they are investing in Defensive Rule of Law (everyone including their own membership are liable under the Laws they enforce upon everyone else, no more clemency, exception, pardon, etc., heads will roll at the top)

That is where Karen Hudes references to computer analysis of political economy come into play.

Now there is NEWS (accurate information) flowing from within The Powers that be, and that useful information is flowing out and into The Public Domain.

I think the computer is asked a question and the answer is such that it is now too late to hit the reset button, and some of those who have a part in pushing the reset button know it is too late, and it is too late because of the so called Internet; whereby the power of connectivity, or the lack of power of censorship, has shifted power well back into the control of individual, moral, people; therefore the answer is: Rule of Law prevails. Get on board, or face the consequences, no matter how many lies you may want spewing out of your pie hole.

This may be the end of a long reign of TERROR or this may be the start of another World Wide BUST Cycle (World War).

Which is it?

I don't get the memos.