Comment: This time around...

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This time around...

The R3VOLUTION will not be televised.

I am with you. I love watching these fake ass bastards writhe in their own piss. Crying about how horrible it is to stand up to these guys and how we all need to get along.

F$@* getting along. I saw what you did Boenher when you were in Tampa you piece of crap mother f&*ker.

I say screw it. Toss the dice and let the chips fall where they may.

What would Tyler Durden do? Stick it to these bastards and let the country come apart at the seams. It is already seeping and rotting with filth so they are just helping nudge it along. In case nobody was noticing it was not long anyways and now the entrenched Elitists will have a ready made scapegoat.

Who cares anyways. Hopefully we will have a full fledged default come October 17th and we can all put our money where our mouths are. Prepare everyone for what is coming I expect some bumpy times ahead.