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That's pretty much it

The act of "smudging" is a cleansing ritual where we "wash" ourselves with smoke. Usually from sage or cedar or tobacco. A smudge pot can also be a bucket of pitch or used motor oil and these get put under tarps over stuff like orange trees or tomatoes if there's gonna be a frost and you don't wanna lose your crop.

There must be some other usage of the the term. But a big part of it for me is a smudge pot is dirty, smelly, icky and unattractive and though a warrior-priest (supposed to be humble) I have these massive aspects to my ego.

Plus it helps make me seem non-intimidating. Priests are supposed to be accessible.

Plus it's cover for my experimentalism. Stuff I write here is often simply experimental, like what happens if i drop you into the middle of a story and then kinda retrofit the beginning and ending? Well if the author is called Smudge Pot you are less likely to be offended by my off-handed treatment of you. After all, whom can a smudge pot offend?

Be brave, be brave, the Myan pilot needs no aeroplane.