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Nice Work!

That' how it starts! The other ingredient is TIME, and the results increase exponentially! I tirelessly post ONLY 'wake-up' stuff on my facebook account. No, 'OMG I did this today', or 'Wow can you believe Miley?!' bu11sh!t, only examples of political greed, corruption, nwo agenda exposed, current and newest constitutional offenses, etc... And the 'likes' and 'shares' are increasing! A lot of other people that are 'friends' have stopped posting the newest pics of their kids in a pumpkin and taken up educating themselves and others about the failure that is common core, and the education system itself. My one buddy used the hashtag #EndTheFed (!) and even made up a hashtag, #_____'sNotCrazy (insert my name)Finally, people are starting to play an active role in being conscious. Hopefully, it's not too late.