Comment: As requested and posted as its own thread..

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As requested and posted as its own thread..


In the gloaming
ebbtide assumes glassy molten:
dispersed into a calm spreading o'er the shore,
thin and transparent as refined silks.

The moment was immeasurable;
the ebullience of Heaven was leavening,
an infinite amassment of crystalline particles...


Twilight bounded the briny walls,
'til fell and ruptured upon stone...
steely, chalcedony mists swarm forth
to wail no longer,

her beauty flitters thereto shapes far the know of man,
moon-white halos wreathing
each mist-droplet in the conundrum,
appearing her apparition more lucid in the sweeping beams,
through her to the deepening she rests...

Peace and Love always and remember...

once you can tolerate the opinions of others without reflexive defense, you will find that your own opinions have not only been caged and hindered, but that they have been kept that way by the intolerance for expression you have towards others...

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