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I apologise

I think it's another case of crossed emails and postings?

First, let me be clear here, I want what is best for you and DP community. You need to do what you want for you and I respect that. I have not been posting here for weeks.

We exchanged emails and I breifed you that I was going to the CA GOP FAll convention and made a simular fundraising announcement that was made when I went to the Spring convention, and asked you if that could be my first post, only because the thought was so out there, it made me laugh.. it still does, and I have no hard feelings that this is not the time, even though it is.. because my first meeting starts in 27 hours, and I have been preparing, with all the other stuff going on with the committee.. and have not had time to be on DP much or read all the posts.. and for all the "Granger".. it's not the "Granger", it's that spark I found and shared, which I agreed to not name, and I have not, nor have I named names. Really, I'm minding my business and thanked people here who stood up for me.

Anyways.. I made a post on your thread, and I guess you didn't see it when you sent me the email with this email posted, but I mistakenly took it as, what I had posted on your thread was not what you wanted from me. At the time you had not respended. So I posted this thinking the point was that I should represent myself, not ride your thread, after all, whatever anyone might think about any of this, I have never claimed to have pull with you, or represented you or DP.

You and I have several splits, one where I joined the GOP and what I've gone through/ Romney, Rand/ McConnell.. and my perspective since I found "the spark". You and the mods might not have agreed with me, but I was never in "the radar", until I was put into the radar by cluster downvotes and calling out.. When I come to DP I look for things to upvote. Some come to look for people to downvote.

I feel bad only that so many here seem to feel bad. Personally, with all the stuff going on with my committee, the audit, the position, the GOP state and national.. suddenly we're out of a half million debt, no questions asked? I have a lot of questions, and I would prefer to share these answers rather than all this carryover.

I'm also sorry that I shared my spark, because that seems to be what created all this outrage.. I read some pretty bad things about me.. but it doesn't bother me, not that I don't care, I care very much. I didn't know what a passionate subject it was.. If I knew, I wouldn't have ever brought it up.. I was sharing what I was learning.. some folks are not interested and I respect that.

I wish the personal greivances were not being made an open DP issue, because defending myself is not what I want to do on DP. Whatever you think is best for your webpage I will support you.

I apologise for not understand the past email. I thought you wanted me to post this letter.. maybe you can 403 it? I was happy with what I posted on your thread.. seems you were too.. I hope you understand.. I meant no offence and was trying to do right by you.

I don't know what more I can do to make things right.