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I haven't either

I guess it depends on the state, but just out of curiosity I've checked several states without having to give any personal information.

The max out-of-pocket, as I understand it, is $12,700/year for deductibles + copay, and that's consistent with all the plans I've seen. The highest o-o-p I can find for my family (minimum payment) is under $7,000 per year. If I were under 30 I could get a catastrophic policy for $100/month with a max $6,300/year out of pocket if I got sick.

The numbers in that facebook thing are bogus. The penalty would only be that high if his income was over $400,000, the pre-existing condition doesn't affect the rate or the penalty, the penalty doesn't even show up on your tax forms until 2015, the deductible is over the maximum out-of-pocket, lots of red flags. And as several have pointed out, if it were true then there would be many, many corroborating stories and we'd see copies of the actual threatening emails, etc. Someone just made some shit up. Probably someone just trying to make the anti-Obamacare side look bad.

But really, how different is $14,000 or the $12,700 you reference to someone who already is choosing to not carry insurance because they can't afford it?

The $12,700 is the max out-of-pocket, so it's not that much plus 30% over that. That's the cap, and for a lot of plans the cap is lower. If it's through your employer it's a lot lower.

But I take your point, the premiums even after the subsidy will be a be a hardship for many. But I'd focus on the premiums to make that case, since anyone in anything like that situation who needs more than $12,000 in medical expenses in a year is going to be in for some hardship anyway, with or without the insurance.