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Thank you for sharing that.

It was particularly instructive for me to read those words that he said about the Revolution.

If your in a campaign to influence ideas and the future of the country, the campaign is never over."

Not only is it never over. It is B R O A D. Much broader than taking over the GOP. It ranges over the entire territory: News coverage, art, music, religion. Nothing is off limits when it comes to influencing the country with the ideas of Liberty.

Every expression an every venue is fair game. The only qualification I would place on it would be to try to be effective.

Don't be Miley Cyrus for Liberty. Yes, we can all see she's liberated from being Hannah Montana. She could have communicated that in a better way.

- Note: I'm not saying you're being Miley Cyrus. That just came up in my mind, and I realize that this form of communication is a "lossy" form. A lot of information gets lost that would be available if we were sitting in a bar having this beer together -

Cheers and thanks.

It has helped to clarify something for me, since the idea of working in the GOP bores me to tears.

He's the man.