Comment: Gloria Allred is nothing less than a legal slut!

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Gloria Allred is nothing less than a legal slut!

Putting that one aside, there are not a lot, but still way too many DPer's trying to justify these thugs on two wheels.

Watch the seven videos previously posted by Barracuda_Trader. Watch all seven of them before you try to justify these guys. They are nothing but a bunch of lawless thugs, who found trouble, and weren't prepared for, or counting on the driver of this SUV fighting back. One of them got fxxked royally for his stupidity, and rightfully so.

If you take into account that over 200 '911 calls' came in about these same bikers that day, you'd realize they were nothing but a bunch of troublemakers. HOW MUCH MORE DO YOU NEED??????

If these bikers were a bunch of Cops behaving in this fashion, NOT ONE PERSON here on the DP would have even attempted to justify such behavior.

Hippocrates always have two sets of rules. We need to clean our own house first. (The only bookmark you'll ever need!)