Comment: Connection to Aaron Alexis?

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Connection to Aaron Alexis?

Has anyone else thought about the similarities to the shooting that happened just 2 weeks ago by Aaron Alexis ALSO in D.C.?
1. Both Miriam and Aaron are 34 yrs. old
2. Both are African American
3. Both are from Brooklyn, NY
4. Both are INSTANTLY labeled mentally ill by the media and unnamed sources.
5. Both are described by neighbors, friends, and family as exceptionally great people, and that they're shocked this happened.
6. Miriam's facebook page has no new posts since 2010, with no details about her on her page, and Aaron had his linkedin account scrubbed the day of the shooting. There is little digital trail on either person.

Is there a connection there? Did Miriam know something about Aaron that she felt needed the attention of the White House, but what stopped short? Maybe wild speculation, but also weird coincidences.

Did Miriam have a boyfriend? I'm sure that would lead us to what her state of mind was.