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This video should have its own thread ...

This is the reason many showed up for Ron.

They didn't show up to compromise.
They didn't show up to jockey for power within a political party.

They showed up because the philosophy of freedom is right. Nature is empirically clear that what has been sown is the only thing that can be reaped ... period. It is verified by the rise and fall of many empires and nation states.

That means I am not going to kiss any compromising ass to demonstrate the philosophy of freedom is right when it is a well settled and moot point of history. If the majority doesn't agree, their country can burn. It will burn just as quickly as Rome or any other extinct empire.

Ron didn't campaign on kissing any compromising ass either. Ron stood firm on principle. Those who believe in freedom know they are right. They are also more likely to be prepared to survive any fall of the United States. Surely after any fall a well prepared surviving remnant will get its due and opportunity to restore freedom. There is no need to compromise when the right time will eventually come.

When tyranny is sown only oppression can be reaped and nothing can change it. The only decision that can be made is whether to keep the harvest or not. Compromise will not change this fundamental fact of nature.