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good job

First, the was a line from the movie True Romance, Gary Oldman played a pimp with racial identity issues and very little regard for proper grammar. It seems you should have put that together considering those grammatical errors were glaringly absent in the post. Most people would have anyway. Second, those campy movies you are referring to, they have a basis in reality. As a lifenlong resident of NYC and having grown up in the most God awful ghettos in the Bronx during the koch and dinkins era I can assure you a healthy does scepticism and disbelief goes a long way in terms of self preservation in situations like this. Perhaps you have never been on the receiving end of a 15 person beat down, or subject to this sort of harassment because of your race but I can assure you this culture of violence still exists in nyc even as the police state has grown. I especially appreciate how you chose to attack what you thought were grammatical errors instead of addressing the issue that flight is inherent to human nature when one's family is in harm's way.
It is counter intuitive for any parent to remain in a dangerous situation like this in order to exchange insurance information with a mob of 30 unlicensed, uninsured violent miscreants for which the rule of law clearly does not apply to. Again, I am glad you aren't my parent as your situational awareness leaves much to be desired.