Comment: Went to Fort Bend Tea Party

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Went to Fort Bend Tea Party

Went to Fort Bend Tea Party last night. Dwayne did really good. Had a crowd of maybe 20 people, older. He laid it out, he knows what is going on. He doesn't push the left/right paradigm. It's freedom or nothing. He's a gold bug to boot and recognized state Rep. Giovanni Capriglione's State Gold Currency bill in the house. There was unanimous discontent for Cornyn in the room. Met state rep James Stephenson too from Wharton county, said he's been friends of Ron Paul for quite some time, seemed about the same age. Good guy.

Also, a young man, probably not 30, was in attendance with his wife, who is running for State Rep district 27. 27 covers Eastern half of Sugar Land and all of Missouri City:
David Hamilton, seemed like a good liberty guy though he didn't talk.

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