Comment: Gut Flora Imbalance.

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Gut Flora Imbalance.

I read somewhere that something in vaccines can cause a lot of the good bacteria in a child’s intestines to die off, allowing candida (a type of yeast fungus) to flourish. If the child is fed a typical American diet (wheat, sugar, processed foods), candida can become systemic – meaning it can break through the intestinal walls and travel to other parts of the body, including the brain, where it sets up colonies. In a small child, I image this wouldn’t take longer than a few weeks, if not days. (If left unchecked, candida can change its environment to one more conducive to its growth in less than 8 hours).

In adults, a systemic candida overgrowth can cause, foggy brain, inability to concentrate, lethargy, emotional imbalances, food allergies, skin issues, mal-absorption of essential vitamins and minerals, joint pain, adult onset ADD etc… Imagine what it could do to a child’s developing body and brain.

I think the cure for many types of autism in children (not all of course) lies in candida management and gut flora balancing.