Comment: Flight or Fight

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Flight or Fight

This is just another case of the People, being trained via school and media to Fear LAW Enforcement, fleeing what is being perceived as imminent mortal danger.

Sadly this is likely the Future of America. These types of events will continue until 'they' shoot someone with Friends and Family that require Justice. Justice will of course not be served in a manner befitting the crimes, and small rebellions will erupt.

Small rebellions will convince The Overlords that they need to squeeze the people even tighter, and that will lead to events that create an all out Civil War.

Game Theory leads to few alternatives given that the behavior of Central Planners has consistently been to increase and tighten Control(s) when they feel control is being lost. The more controls they put into place, the greater number of failures occur, which leads to more controls. This quickly spirals out of control.