Comment: The president compares apples and oranges.

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The president compares apples and oranges.

What he said at the press conference didn't make sense to me. Did I misunderstand something? He was bragging that the traffic (a million users) at the new gov't healthcare site drew 5X the amount of people who'd ever been on Medicaredotgov at one time. As if that wouldn't be expected? Um, does he remember when Nancy Pelosi said the bill would need to be passed for us to find out what was in it? Think, just maybe, that the FIRST DAY the site was open, people were just a little curious as to the ACTUAL EFFECT on them? What does that have to do with the traffic rate of the Medicare site?

Politicians! It's kind of funny how, despite the negative reaction to what people discovered, he can still stand there and try to put a positive spin on it. I like this comment by some Democrat: "Is obozo watching or even hearing about this? Sticker shock equals more votes for the right in 2014. Thanks obozo."

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