Comment: Newark resident calls out the mayor and media both.

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Newark resident calls out the mayor and media both.

Good for her. The mayor of seven years can boast that his #1 carjacking city made the 2012 Top Ten list for overall crime. That woman said she's aware that reporters were asked to cover up what's really been going on. And that they had "done it well" to let the mayor become a national figure while the people in Newark "die off slowly."

What I don't understand is why Booker apparently STOPPED replacing Newark police who retired - hundreds, she said. You wouldn't think he had to go by what he said after his meeting (on youth violence) with the president & other mayors. Or is he advocating a transfer of power? "To address the violence that is far too rampant in our cities, we must ensure that local police have the resources they need to do their jobs effectively -- in partnership with federal and state law enforcement officials."

Thanks for the video.

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