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will HSA still be available?

I wonder if they will be. maybe only if grandfathered in? I expect over the next few years they will do price hikes on all the remaining plans so that people are forced to "assimilate".

Turns out if I lie about what I make to get a higher deductible (more similar to what I have) the "affordable Health Care Plan" will be 60-70% higher than my current plan. But, they only allow high-income people to get those plans. I don't see anything about savings. Low income folks are forced into much higher cost plans because they assume they have no assets or savings. Then the government pays that extra cost for them to the insurance companies. So, we get hit on both ends because it is our tax dollars as well.

This is the cost of everyone being able to get to go to the doctor and hospital. Which gets back to the fact that healthcare costs too much in this country. You really have to go to other countries to get anything major done. Has that been addressed? Not from my perspective.