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Comment: No Surpise

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No Surpise

"I know - one would wonder why a CT senator would vote for Obamacare when we already have coverage for EVERY citizen."

This shouldn't surprise you or anybody else.

Ms. Pelosi is infamous for stating, "we have to pass the bill to see what's inside it." Nancy didn't read the bill before voting yea. I doubt she's read the bill since voting yea. I doubt she would even understand the bill if she ever bothers to ever read it.

I suspect the majority of critters never bothered to read the bill before they voted.

If a critter read this bill and voted yeah, they should be fired.
If a critter never bothered to read this bill and voted yea, they should be fired.

My guess is, 95% of the critters should be fired.

The millions O claimed to have visit the website on the grand opening of the exchanges were most likely apathetics' who believed they were signing up for "free, socialized healthcare"

I read the bill. When Americans finally understand what this is EXACTLY, there will be mutiny.