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Comment: Strategy

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You need 3 things to bring it down:

1) donors - anyone with money can and will get behind a "raw patriotism" in Texas if it means they have even the smallest link to Washington
2) for punks to like you - there's something wholesome in the eyes of other punks about someone that just does whatever he wants
3) enough buzz-words to make it appear to the new tea-party-in-a-box types that's he's the one to follow

The man has done every single strategic thing possible to ascend over the largest "less-gov" groups (in Texas and elsewhere) for maximum pull away from "the man"; yeah he's no Ron Paul (but Dr. Paul wasn't trying to trick people into thinking he was harmless. We all knew he was bad to the bone.)

Ted Cruz is doing this for Rand; taking the blunt of the blow b/c he knows he (Ted) can't be President. He's keeping the "tea party" close by, winning new followers who are "limited gov constitutionalists" and when the time comes, he'll give his endorsement. Rand knows the "tea party" is touchy, extreme, reactionary, so when the Presidential race starts, he may need to veer off and appeal to a more libertarian crowd, which speaking from experience, the new age "tea party" (not the old school Ron Paul style) doesn't accept. Such as:

Getting the state out of marriage
Legalizing certain drugs

Ted Cruz is doing all he can to keep these types, "his type" followers loyal, so he can speak to them about voting for Rand when the time comes. It's called strategy. It's a really good one.