Comment: Oh - I am not surprised at our dear senators at all

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Oh - I am not surprised at our dear senators at all

they are the lowest of the low around here.

And I believe they were bragging yesterday 100 or so people signed up.
Of course - my money is on those 100 people being on the Husky/Medicaid dole today that were just too damn lazy to go sign up the day before.

And I am already seeing the look on business owners faces as it all comes to light. I have an IT consulting business so deal with a lot of small business owners. Most, being from a big D state, voted for this guy. One in particular was high fiving and ass grabbing when the bill was upheld by the court.
There is no high fiving now, no ass grabbing(lest you consider there own).
Yeh - it is quite the shock for these small people who have 3-4-5 llc set up to realize that they are ALL counted towards the 50 employees as a group since their name is on each one. Oh- and those families that have all the kids name on the corporate paperwork as owners - who also own businesses outside the family business -yeh - all your employees are pooled now too.

Of course - being astute business people - they are just going to pay the fine for now since it is so much cheaper. Just wait a few years when those fines are crushing and see how fast it all falls down.