Comment: Thought about this request after having treated you off handedly

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Thought about this request after having treated you off handedly

Your request is highly non specific. There's a million ways to do petitions because they aren't normally part of official process. They are sort of an odd instrument of grassroots power if done properly which means they are either verified signatures or you manage to present them in a way politicians can't ignore. It's pure social pressure.

However, when petitioning try to keep the purpose and the intended recipients clearly in mind. And timing is everything. Check their calendar and keep an eye on current events. There's times to delay an action because the world's attention is elsewhere.

Pamphlets you can do in MS word, search for a "bi-fold" or "tri-fold" template. Not much graphic art expertise required. Remember to always place specific calls to action on every side or view of a pamphlet and place contact info and a further info link.

If you can determine the cost-per-sheet of your printer, great. Compare this to xeroxing a copy at Staples or whatever. You can often save money that way although print quality usually suffers.

Pamphlets are still great for large groups but anymore we do a lot more digital work. You might recall Allison Bricker's new graphic which is now an interactive education tool:

and this is next gonna get turned into an HTML email and possibly a "web app".

Note that having an HTML email doesn't mean you have a mailing list to send it to but that's where you probably wanna partner with someone who does.

Hope something in there helps.

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