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Comment: Assumptions and insults

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Assumptions and insults

is that all you have?

I was being respectful, and you want to be a dim-witted asshole in return? Very well.

First off, I don't even own the game yet (though I've played the others), and making the assumption that I "pop SRIs" is something I'd expect from a rabid, foaming at the mouth zealot who wants to bubble wrap the world in order to protect everybody from themselves. Oh, and SRIs have nothing to do with video games, so stop acting as if they go hand in hand, you intellectually dishonest dullard.

Second, your armchair psychobabble fails to impress me. The simple fact is that you're attempting to hold inanimate objects responsible for the actions of individuals, which is not only moronic, but anathema to individual liberty. You sure you're on the right site?

Finally, if you actually *gasp* did even a small bit of research on this 'murder porn' game, you'd know that YOU DO NOT HAVE TO 'MURDER' ANYONE IN THE GAME. You can do literally hundreds of other things, both 'good' and 'bad'. In short, *you* decide whether the game is 'murder porn' or not. Even then, I have to laugh at such an idiotic term. Is Missile Command 'military porn'? How about Sim City? Is that 'civil engineer porn'? How about 'terrorist porn'? You can blow up buildings with the click of a button, after all.

The fact that you link to a south Park site, a show that many people think is far more accessible to children, violent, and 'damaging' than any video game shows that you're not only completely uninformed on the subject of video games, but a hypocrite as well. A dangerous combination indeed.

Try again.

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